Grigory Gendler, his wife, mother-in-law and son

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This photo was taken in the suburbs of Leningrad in 1960 and shows me, my wife, my mother-in-law and my son.

In 1947 (being a student) I got married.
My friend Vigdorchik Boris (he also arrived from Germany) acquainted me with my future wife. He married a beautiful girl Mipha and introduced me to her friend. It happened at the dancing session (at the Marble Hall of the Palace of Culture named after Kirov). I started courting her.

Her name was Rebecca Mironovna Slavina. She was born in 1925. She studied at the Pediatric College. Later I was introduced to her parents and they agreed to our marrying. By that time my parents returned from evacuation and agreed, too. I visited them in Moscow several times before marriage.

Having arrived from Germany, I visited my parents first of all. Before my departure from Germany I visited them in June of 1945: I got a leave for the victory in shooting (TT pistol) competition. Parents lived in the same room, wherefrom I was called up for military service (near the hotel UKRAINE).

My son Semen was born in 1950. He entered the College of Mines (evening faculty of thermophysics). At the same time he worked as a selector of stones. He studied perfectly and was transferred to the day time faculty.

He graduated and passed through the kandidat nauk exams (under my pressure). But he refused to enter the postgraduate course: he learned his lesson during the entrance examinations, when they did not permit him to become a day time student. I guess it happened because of his nationality.

From our communal apartment we move to a new separate apartment (the 1st in our life) in 1980. Later (when my children grew up and got their own families) I aimed at buying a large cooperative apartment. I managed and we moved to that new apartment together with my wife and the family of my daughter.

In 1975 I started working at the Financial and Economic College. I worked both at the Academy and at the College. It was hard and could not last long. I decided to leave the Academy.

So by now I have been working at the Financial and Economic College more than 30 years. I am a professor of the faculty of Personnel Management.

My daughter works at the faculty of Sociology and Personnel Management. My granddaughter refused to become a college teacher and works at a bank.

My daughter married a Jew, and my son's wife is Russian. His wife did not change her Russian surname and my granddaughter's nationality is registered Russian. My granddaughter is a gynecologist; she works in a maternity hospital.

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Interviewee: Grigory Gendler
Vera Postavinskaya
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St. Petersburg, Russia


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