Group heads from Hashomer Hatzair

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    North Macedonia
Here is Pepo Kamhi (fifth from left), my wife's brother, and other group heads from Hashomer Hatzair. I recognize Nisim Testa, seventh from the left. Fifth from the right is Dario Ariesti. On the right is Moric Argus. Nisim Testa was born in 1916, the same year as Dario. He was a student and then he went to Israel. He was one of the first to leave for kibbutz. He went with my wife's brother, Mois. Nisim was a very serious as a kid. In contrast to his brother, Beno, he was very serious. Beno, his younger brother, was closed, he was much more open. He was good friends with [my brother] Dario and Pepo [Kamhi, my wife's brother]. During the Second World War he worked as a representative for the Allies here [My brother] Dario enrolled me in Ken through Nisim. Nisim was one of the bogrim, the organizers. See, Hashomer Hatzair was a massive youth organization. It was then divided according to years. There was: bnai midbar, cofe, cofim bogrim pa bogrim. Bogrim were the oldest. Dario Aruesti'a father was the director of the first electrical power station in Bitola. He was the organizer of the first power station which worked on wood. But Bitola had electricity. That was his father. He was an entrepreneur and very skilled. I cannot remember his name but he was a famous business person at that time. The group is pictured in front of the Ken building in Bitola. We are working to get the building protected and turned into a monument, a museum.

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Rachel Chanin
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Skopje, North Macedonia


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Office clerk

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after WW II

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