Gyorgy's father

Gyorgy's father
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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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This is my father, Jeno Neufeld. He was born in Boncida, but later on he went to Kolozsvar [in Romanian: Cluj Napoca] where he attended medical school. He finished the university, did his service in the army and right after that in 1913 he got married. After about half a year my father was called up again. He was at home by chance on leave when I was born, then he went back to the war. The picture was taken in April 1916, when I was one years old. I don?t know where it was made, presumably in Kolozsvar. It couldn`t be on the battle line, because they didn't wear the shako in battles. He wasn?t a professional soldier, he was drafted into the army and served as an army surgeon in the WWI on the Italian front line. In 1918 he was taken prisoner of war as an army doctor at Isonzo, in Italy. During this time he had quite a good life. He could move freely around the town, but could not leave. He could occasionally send letters to my mother through the Red Cross. When he was caught my mother got a telegram through the Red Cross 'I am healthy, but in captivity.' When he finally got home I was already three years old and asked: 'Who is this man?' When he returned, became a generalist at the hospital, had a private clinic and went to visit patients at home if it was necessary.

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Interviewee: Gyorgy Neufeld
Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Jeno Neufeld
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after WW II
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Specialist in internal medicine
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Hospital superintendent

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