Helen Grunstein and her little son, Erno

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    Vienna-Diktat Transylvania, 1940-44
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You can see on this photo Helen Grunstein, the first wife of my husband with her little boy, and it is written on the photo’s back: ‘To Daddy, Mom and little Erno’. It was taken in 1942 on the street in Marosvasarhely. It seems they are standing in front of a grocery. You can see it is written: ‘Sugar, flour’. My husband was doing work service in Nagybanya, so they sent him this photo there. My husband preserved and took a good care of these pictures with his former family.

My husband went to school in Bethlen; he was studying a lot using electric light, until he went blind. All this happened when he was some fifteen-sixteen years old; so they took him to Kolozsvar, and he was operated. They told him he must stop learning. Thus he learnt to work in leather, but I don't know where. Before the war he worked already in leather in Bethlen, then he moved to Marosvasarhely. Here he was selling broadcloth in a private shop; he met his first wife, Helen Grun there. She was from Beszterce. In Kolozsvar she stayed at an uncle, who raised her, then she came to Marosvasarhely to work, she was a clerk in a hardware shop. In the meantime, in 1935 my husband was enrolled in the army. He was in the Romanian army in Szatmarnemeti; he was twenty-one at that time. He was allowed to leave for one day, when they got married. After he demobilized - this was around 1937 -, they lived in Marosvasarhely in the Cuza Voda street, in his wife's house until deportation. He had a son, he was called Erno, and was born in 1940. [Editor's note: According to photo number Erno Grunstein was born approximately in March 1941.] They were deported together with the wife and daughter of Marci. My husband and my brother-in-law, Marci were taken to work service; the two of them came back, but their wives and children perished in Auschwitz.

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Interviewee: Berta Grunstein
Julia Negrea and Vera Badic
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Marosvasarhely, Romania


Helén Grünstein
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    Grün Helén
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Ernő Grünstein
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