Herta Coufalova with great-grandson Davidek

Herta Coufalova with great-grandson Davidek
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    Czeh Republic
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    Czech Republic
In the photo are I and my great-grandson Davidek. The photo was taken by my daughter Jana Kubikobas, nee Coufalova, in Sumperk in 2004. My daughter Jana often organizes family reunions on various occasions. This photograph was also taken during such a reunion. Davidek is the son of my granddaughter Jana Vecerova. Janka is a single mother, so I spend a relatively large amount of time with her and help her out with her household and her son. Our oldest daughter, Jana, was born in 1947 in Trebic. She went to elementary school in Sumperk. She studied photography at a secondary school in Brno. After graduation she got a job in a metallurgical research institute and worked there until her retirement. She married twice. Her first husband was named Stanislav Vecera. They have two children together, Lenka and Martina. After four years she divorced him, because he beat her. Her second husband is Jaroslav Kubik. His first wife was Jana's colleague. They met at her funeral. He has two children, Martin and Iva, who live in Zlin. The children were like real siblings. Lenka has her own apartment and lives there with her son David who was born in 2003.

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Interviewee: Herta Coufalova
Barbora Pokreis
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Sumperk, Czech Republic


Herta Coufalova
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Reception manager in hotel
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David Vecera
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Czech Republic

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