Igor Brover, and his wife Alla Brover with the family of his sister Rosa Garysheva.

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This is me, Igor Brover, and my wife Alla Brover with the family of my sister Rosa Garysheva. This photo was taken in Ilichevsk in 2003. From left to right: my sister Rosa's husband Anatoliy Garyshev, my niece Victoria Yablonskaya, her husband Pavel Yablonskiy, my wife Alla Brover, my niece Yulia Vozovikova with her husband Yuriy Vozovikov. I, Igor Brover, holding my grand niece Irina Yablonskaya am in the foreground. This photograph was taken at a family gathering in the apartment of my sister Rosa Garysheva. I worked until late 2002 and then retired. My wife Alla retired in 1991. Recently I've learned much about Jewish traditions. I've visited the synagogue in Osipova Street with Yevgeniy Vitebskiy several times. My family receives newspapers 'Shomrey Shabos' and 'Or Sameach' where I read a lot about the history and traditions of our people. I attend the Society of Jewish Culture and the community center. Now that I know more about traditions of our people, I begin to observe them. My wife and I try to do no work on Saturday and follow kashrut more closely. My wife and I receive food packages from the charity organization 'Gemilut Hesed'. Of course, life was morally easier before, when there was my family, everybody was living. My parents are long gone, so are my sister and brother, but the most terrible thing for my wife and me is that our daughter died. I have only one sister left now. Rosa married Anatoliy Garyshev, Russian. She changed her surname and moved to Ilichevsk [port on the Black Sea, 25 km from Odessa, in 1973 became a city] where she worked as senior engineer in the department of capital construction. Her daughter Yulia lives in Odessa now with her husband Yuriy Vozovikov, Russian, and their 6-month-old son. My late sister’s Raisa daughter Victoria Yablonskaya became a teacher. She is married and has a daughter Irina.

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Interviewee: Igor Brover
Nicole Tolkacheva
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Kiev, Ukraine


Igor Brover
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Ivanovka village Odessa region
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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Alla Brover
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Lower-level public employee
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