Izabella Tamm

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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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My mother's older sister Izabella Tamm. Izabella was photographed on her birthday on 16 March. My mother had one picture, and Isabella gave another one to her beloved Andras Tamm. This photo was taken in Kosice in 1929.

My mother's parents came from Kosice; they were born in the early 1870s. They were a very beautiful couple. They were very much in love. They had two daughters. My mother's older sister Izabella, born in 1907, was very much like her father, and my mother Szerena, born in 1909, took after my grandmother. She was quiet and reserved. My mother's parents were neologs. They went to the synagogue on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. My grandfather and grandmother wore casual clothes in fashion at the time. They didn't follow kashrut or paid much attention to their daughters' religious education. They were a common family, living in a small apartment. There wasn't even a bathroom. Both daughters finished a Czech general school. Izabella graduated from the Department of Economics of the University and became an accountant. As for my mother, her parents sent her to study dressmaking. She learned to make garments, but she was too vivid to like this job.

Izabella was a very pretty girl. When she was in university, she fell in love with a senior student from the Radio Engineering Faculty. His name was Andras Tamm. He was tall and slender and very handsome. He returned my aunt's feelings. The only obstacle was that he was Hungarian. Even though Izabella's parents were not so religious this marriage still seemed a disgrace to them. They could only get married six years later in 1933. They could not live without one another and my grandparents gave up. They just registered their marriage in the town hall and had a wedding dinner in a restaurant in the evening. Andras rented a small facility in the central street in Kosice and open a radio store with a radio shop in it. Andras worked in the shop, and my aunt ran his store. Izabella and Andras were well-to-do and rented a nice apartment. In 1936 their son Gabor, my favorite cousin brother, was born.

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Interviewee: Judita Haikis
Ella Levitskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


Izabella Tamm
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Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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after WW II
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