Larisa Shyhman’s son Gennadiy Shyhman with his wife Olga Shyhman

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My son Gennadiy Shyhman, with his wife Olga after emigration. This photo was made in Israel in 1995.

My son Gennadiy is very nice. He is an ocean of charms. Always cheerful and smiling. He studied in Moscow College of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin. It was easier for him to enter college: he had a red diploma of technical school and skipped exams. He laughed: 'If I had to take exams, I would fail Russian for sure'. His wife Olga studied with him. She is so smart… She is also half Ukrainian and half Russian. our friends to help Gennadiy with employment in Moscow. He managed to get a job and stay in Moscow. Olga's father had an apartment there. Her father was a professor and was a dean in Metallurgical College in Volgograd. Her mother was also a metallurgist and received a special pension for her accomplishments. They also had an apartment in Volgograd and two children besides our Olga. On 13 March 1986 Gennadiy and Olga's son Stanislav was born.

Gennadiy and Olga moved to Israel. Olga said they had to go and shortly after Stanislav was born in 1990 they managed to leave. They lived in Ramat Gan and now in Forsaba near Tel Aviv. I visited them in 1994. They had a wonderful life there. And they are doing well now. As long as one has a good job there life is all right. Olga worked in a hairdresser's first. Gennadiy hauled garbage and was a janitor while learning Ivrit. Their specialty was digital electronics and they are in demand. If Gennadiy had spoken at least English he would have got a job immediately. Now he's got a job of his specialty. Olga works as a programmer. She has no language problems, while Gennadiy does since even his Russian writing has never been good. I didn't want to leave Kiev. My sister was there and Leonid with his family. But Olga's parents went there: they sold of left everything back. Their second daughter and son followed them later.

Gennadiy's family celebrate all holidays and observe traditions. Their older son Stanislav was circumcised after they arrived and so was their younger son, born there on 15 February 2000. They named him Gavrila after Olga's grandfather who was chief mechanic. There this name sounds like Gabriel. Stanislav's name is Sosl in Ivrit.

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