Lazar Filderman with friends and associates

Lazar Filderman with friends and associates
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This photo was taken in Focsani, in August 1933. The first from the left is Lazar Filderman, my father; then comes Heinrich Israel, the president of the Jewish Community in Focsani; he even owned a cinema. Behind them, with the shirt unbuttoned, is my father's German business associate, Leon Proschinger. Since the minute I saw the light of day, I remember my father being a community man. He was tall, had a stately appearance and made himself noticed everywhere. He was severe by nature and very intelligent. He cared a lot about the Jewish community and he held many offices - he was president for three years, around 1938, and then vice-president. My father came to Focsani in the 1920s. He married my mother, Fanny Filderman, nee Finkelstein. My maternal grandfather, Lewi Finkelstein, owned a store called ?Lewi's'?and gave it to her after the wedding. Even after my grandfather died, the business kept its old name, in his memory. The working hours at the store were from 8am to 1pm, and then from 4 to 8 pm, but I think my father had a replacement during the time he spent at the community. When I was very young, my father kept a second store in co-ownership with a German, Leon Proschinger, who often came by. I couldn't say why they broke up, but I was sorry. My father set the prices so that his own benefit would not encumber the customer. He sold small wears, clothes, ties, peaked caps, silk stockings, and photo cameras with a tripod. My father had turned the little room next door into a small lab where he developed the films; I don't think he charged much for this - it was fun for him.

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Lazar Filderman
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Businessman, Retail merchant
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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