Malea Veselnitskaya’s mother's older brother Aron Mogilevski and a stranger

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    Russia, pre 1917
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This is my mother's older brother Aron Mogilevski (sitting), and a stranger, before departure to America. This photo was taken in Kremenchug in 1913.

My mother's older brother was born in 1889 in Kremenchug. At the age of 13, after his mother died, he became an apprentice of a clock repairman. When he started to earn money he rented a room and his brother and sisters were living with him. Aron married a Jewish woman with a child. Her name was Rosa. In 1913 his master moved to America and Aron went with him. Rosa and her daughter and Aron's brothers and sisters stayed in the town for the time being. Only in 1920 they Rosa with the daughter managed to move to America to join Aron.

Aron wrote occasionally to his brother Yuda. He made a good living, but only once he sent Yuda some money to support him. Shortly before the Great Patriotic War Aron's children who were born in America wrote that he died and Rosa died shortly afterward. There were no more contacts with them.

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Interviewee: Malea Veselnitskaya
Natalia Rezanova
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Odessa, Ukraine


Malea Veselnitskaya
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Alexandria, Kirovograd region
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Office clerk
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