Marcu Flaiser as a soldier

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This is Marcu Flaiser, the son of my aunt Roza Flaiser. He sent the photograph from Israel, while he was doing his military service. The back of the photograph reads: "When I look at this photograph, I start to quiver as I am very far away from home. I embrace you with love, Marcu."


My mother's brother was a very endowed man, as they say. His name was Avram Klein, but everybody called him Avromta. He was a tall, handsome man, and he was renowned, he was very well read, had a Jewish culture. He observed tradition, he often went to the shil [shul]. He also performed prayers at the temple on many occasions. But he did so voluntarily, didn't receive any money for it. He was a pious person. He was about 5 years older than my mother [was born around 1870]. He had a leather shop in Botosani. My uncle died when he was around 90 [probably in the 1960's]. He died here, in Botosani, he has a monument at the cemetery together with his wife.


His wife's name was Seindl, and they had 8 children: 4 sons and 4 daughters. Clara Rintler, Saly Haimovici, Roza Flaiser, Liza Malis - these are the daughters. And these were the sons: Marcu - the youngest -, Iancu, Iulius, and … oh my, what was his name - I can't remember it just now. They were all older than me. The youngest of them was 4-5 years older than me. All of them graduated high school. The boys were merchants, their father's trade. But not all of them lived in Botosani.



Leon Flaiser was Roza Flaiser's husband. They ran a furniture store here, in Botosani, on Dragos Voda St. There is a synagogue right at the top of the street, and their house was located next to the synagogue. They had 2 children: a son, Marcu, and a daughter, Alexandra - Sanda, Salica. They both have a bachelor's degree, they graduated from I.E.S. [The Institute for Economic Studies]. Marcusor is married to a Christian, her name is Tuti. She is Romanian, but she converted to Judaism. They left to Israel. And they have a daughter - Raluca, who has a bachelor's degree herself by now. Alexandra's married name was Rosianu - Rosenberg. Her name was Rosianu, they issued Romanian names as well. They live in Bucharest. Sanda is about 10 years younger than me.

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Botosani, Romania


Marcu Flaiser
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