Martin and Jan Glas

Martin and Jan Glas
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
This is my brother Honza [Jan Glas] and me in the tub. The photo was taken in Prague in 1931. My mother never wanted us to fight. It wouldn't even have occurred to me, because he was seven years older than I. A friend of my mother's from Jihlava used to come visit us regularly, and would bring us chocolate figurines with filling, Mother would divide them up equally among us, and if there was an odd one out, Mother would carefully break it in half, so that we wouldn't have any reason to feel envious. For my part, I never envied my brother; maybe he later envied me my education. He himself only graduated from junior high school, after that he wasn?t allowed to attend school. After the war he managed to take a one-year business course, and that was it. As he emphasized at my graduation, I was the first Glas in a long time to attend university. It's said that Honza never put up with anything. When someone did something to him, he would apparently beat him severely. He may have been small and weak, but was very agile. I, on the other hand, never fought. And my father probably never did either, but he probably wanted to make it up with me, and so he promised me from five to twenty crowns, if I gave someone a couple of whacks in self defense. I never got them, because it went against my grain to fight. Not in Terezin, there it was about standing your ground, but otherwise I never fought.

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Interviewee: Martin Glas
Lenka Koprivova
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Prague, Czech Republic


Jan Glas
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after WW II
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Office clerk

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Martin Glas
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