Maxmilian Adler

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    Country name at time of photo:
    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
    Country name today:
    Czech Republic

This is a picture of my father's brother Maximilian Adler. It was taken in Prague, but I don't know when.

Uncle Max was Dad's brother, and after our father died became our guardian. He was a professor of Latin and Greek, initially at a girls' high school, later at Charles University in Prague. He was generally regarded as a major scientific authority of his time. It was he who decided that we weren't going to attend Czech schools, but German ones. His logic was clear - in German institutions anti-Semitism would be much stronger than in Czech ones, and for us it would be best to meet up with it as early as possible. And in this our uncle was right. Uncle Max perished during the war.

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Interviewee: Ruth Hálová
Lenka Koprivova
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Holubov, Czech Republic


Maxmilian Adler
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Ceske Budejovice
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before WW II:

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