Maya Pivovar with her friend Dasha Mezentseva

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I, Maya Pivovar (from the left) ñ with my friend Dasha Mezentseva. This photo was taken for my parents during a stroll near a lake in Krasnokamsk, 1952, and I sent it to Kiev.

In 1945 I entered the Chemical Technological Faculty, department of paper and cellulose, of the Polytechnic College in Kiev. I was the only Jew in my group and in college. Still, everybody treated me well and we still call each other and meet with my fellow students. I had Russian and Ukrainian friends. I cannot say that I had only excellent marks, but I wasn’t among the worst students. I liked to go to the cinema and theater and I particularly like the Russian Drama Theater. I often went there with my parents and friends. I read a lot. I read classics and modern Soviet literature.

After I finished the college in 1950 I got a job assignment to the Kamskiy cellulose and paper factory in Perm region Krasnokamsk town [over 3000 km from Kiev]. I worked there 7 years. I took part in public life. In Krasnokamsk I joined the party. It somehow happened there. I knew this was good for my career, but I actually didn't have anything against the party. We were raised patriots and we piously believed in communism and its ideology.

I liked working in Krasnokamsk very much. There were common nice people there. I made many friends. We had a good time together, went to the woods to pick berries and mushrooms, baked potatoes, sang songs to the guitar, but my mother rebelled and said: 'That's enough. A little bit of good at a time is enough. Resign and come to Kiev'. In 1957 I quit and returned to Kiev to my parents.

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Oksana Kuntsevskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


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