Miklos Molnar's citizenship certificate

Miklos Molnar's citizenship certificate
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This is my father Miklos Molnar's citizenship certificate, issued in Budapest in 1939. My father was born in 1898. He went to elementary and middle school. After middle school they made him a confectioner's apprentice. Later he became a confectioner master. He took his confectioner's master exam on 18th December 1939 in front of the examining committee. At the beginning of the 1930s or perhaps already at the end of the 1920s, I don't know exactly when, they opened the shop 'Vilmos Molnar and Co.' on Thokoly Street. The sign read 'MOLNAR SWEET-SHOP CANDY.' The associates were my father and my father's brother-in-law, Janos Rona. The shop functioned so that they bought the goods from candy-makers and passed them on to retailers. The business prospered, and later they opened another shop on Thokoly Street no. 8, too. It was worth opening a second shop relatively close, because this is a very busy place. It was opposite Keleti railway station, it was a very good place, a great place. They opened the wholesale section in the courtyard of Thokoly Street no. 14, and as a matter of fact that was the big business, which made them prosperous, not the two shops. My uncle traveled to the country, and my father was on good terms with the people in Pest. They mainly traded lollypops and candy. There were all kinds of other things too, but these were the big things

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Interviewee: Thomas Molnar
Andor Mihály
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Budapest, Hungary


Miklos Molnar
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Confectioner, merchant
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