Otylie Kosinerova

Otylie Kosinerova
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    Czech Republic
This is Grandma Otylie Kosinerova, my grandmother on my father's side, somewhere in a clearing in the forest, but I unfortunately have no idea where and when. Obviously it's going be be sometime before the war, or at the beginning of the war, because at that time Grandma was still alive. In 1942 she was put on the transport to Terezin and then in the same year to Treblinka, where she died. Especially in the case of Treblinka, which apparently was something horrible, the date of the transport's departure is taken to be the day of death. Because right upon arrival they went into the gas, there were no barracks in Treblinka. My grandma was was born in July of 1865. She lived with Grandpa somewhere in a village near Kralupy, but later, when the children were married off, they brought her to Prague, because my grandfather had long since died. As far as I can remember, she always lived in Prague, in the Vinohrady quarter. And I even remember the street - Na Svihance 11. She had her own apartment there. Evidently she had sold the farm and lived on the proceeds as her pension. In light of the fact that she was from a village, she probably only had elementary school. She never went to work; she and her husband had that farm and then also eight children. So they had their work cut out for them. As far as I know, she didn't have any siblings. On my father's side there was no Jewish upbringing. My grandpa and grandma didn't observe any holidays, that I know for sure. In those eight families - when each of their children already had their own family - they observed only Christmas and Easter. Neither did their ancestors, as far as I know, live religiously.

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