Post-card, sent to Adolf Goldenberg by Zulfia Khalilova

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Post-card, sent to Adolf Goldenberg by Zulfia Khalilova, Alexander Goldenberg's wife.

There is an inscription on the bottom left of the drawing :Salute Red Army! To the left - POST CARD. Receiver: field post office fi 43803 "Ä". Attn: Adolf Alexandrovich Goldenberg. Sender: 4 Rosa Luxemburg street, from Agaeva Z.Kh.
Overleaf. 7.10.1944

‘Dear Adik,
I received a card from Olya, addressed to your father. With my aching heart and with the tears streaming from my eyes I am breaking unpleasant and doleful news about your father.

On 30 Oct, 1943 father was arrested by the fascists and on 21 November he was shot, but I do not know whether it happened in Simferopol or here.

I was not told for sure. When I asked, I was told that he had been sent to Odessa as an expert in demand. Though, one translator said that he had been shot without mentioning where.

Now I am by myself, because Yuliasha is also taken to the country of fascists with her little ones. You can only imagine my grievance and yearning. Bye. Please write me back. Hugs and kisses. Zoya’

My father’s brother Alexander Goldenberg was born in 1885. He was a gynecologist and obstetrician. He lived and worked in Bakhchisarai. He delivered many children in Bakhchisarai.

Uncle Sasha died during great patriotic war, he was shot with other Bakhchisarai Jews in 1942 though he became Muslim and his second wife was Tartar, but it did not help.

His first wife Lidia came of a wealthy Jewish family. She died at a young age from tuberculosis. His son Adolf was born from his first wife.

Alexander married the Tartar Zulfia Khalilova. They did not have children, just raised Adolf. Zulfia survived from war. After Crimea was liberated by the Soviet troops she was exiled somewhere in Siberia with other Crimean Tartars [Forced deportation to Siberia].

I know she was fine there. She was an obstetrician, so she could find a job. I do not know what happened to her afterwards.

In 1940 Adolf graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic institute and became an engineer. He was mobilized to tank troops at the beginning of great patriotic war. He went through war, and was conferred many awards.

He lived in Moscow after war. He carried a dreadful document on his chest during war . It was a reference from Bakhchisarai district council regarding his parents' fate: 'Father was shot by the fascists and mother was exiled by Soviet authorities'.

He met his future wife Olga before the war. It was a romantic story. The fiancee was waiting for him, and they got married after war. Adolph's wife was Russian It was difficult for Adolf to find a job after war, maybe because he was a Jew.

He worked at scientific and research institute as an engineer. He was a post-graduate, and then defended doctorate degree. He was very intelligent. We were friends He was fair and kind. He was involved in metallurgy, and was a good expert.

He passed away in 1990 and buried in Moscow city cemetery.

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Interviewee: Tamara-Alexandra Goldenberg
Svetlana Bogdanova
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