Postcard from Moshe Goldmann to Erna Guggenheim

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    Germany, 1870-1945
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Moshe went to Palestine in 1934. He visited me frequently between 1933 and 1934.

And when he was not in Frankfurt, he would write me. On a postcard, from Dessau, he wrote:

“Dear Erna,

I can not thank you for your letter, because there was none.

Above all, I want to wish you a fine Seder. Ask ‘ma nichtane…’ [ma nischtanen haLeila hase is a Passover prayer from the Haggadah [11], which is recited by the youngest member oft he family.

It means: “How does this night differ from all other nights”?] and don’t eat too many Matzo [12] balls. Yesterday I returned from Berlin.

I talked to almost all of my friends, Schattner, Sereni, Liebenstein, Schollnik, Georg, etc. etc. Sereni went to Rome for Seder [8] yesterday.

From there, he went to Eretz [13]. Stay in country for three weeks, and then come back. In the evening, I went to the theater, “One hundred days” by Mussolini.

Fouché, Gustav Gründgens; Napoleon, Werner Krauss. It is the depiction of the 100-day-reign of Napoleon, after his exile.

It was fabulous. The actors Gründgens, Krauss were amazing. After I hadn’t been to the theater for such a long time, this performance was a real pleasure.

In the true sense of the word. So, let me know how you are. I will be in Dessau until Monday.

My regards, I kiss you.

Moshe. Dessau 29.3.34.”

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Tanja Eckstein
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, Germany


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Germany 1870-1945
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Tel Aviv
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after WW II
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Businessman, Retailer

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