Postcard sent by Karel Rutar's grandparents to Theresienstadt (first side)

Postcard sent by Karel Rutar's grandparents to Theresienstadt (first side)
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    Protectorate of Bohemia/Moravia 1939-45
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    Czech Republic
Emanuel Novák, Tschisowitz bei Mnischek u/B Karl Rutar II Arbeiter Transport Evidenc Nr 495 Theresienstadt 18 October 1942 LIEBER KARL! THEILE DIER MIT DAS WIR BEIDE GESUND SIND UND AUCH DASSELBE VON EUCH HOFFEN. GRÜSSEN EUCH ALLE HERZLICH. EMANUEL UND MARIE NOVAK DEAR KARL, I WOULD LIKE TO LET YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE BOTH IN GOOD HEALTH AND HOPE YOU ARE, TOO. WE SEND OUR KIND REGARDS TO ALL OF YOU. EMANUEL AND MARIE NOVAK My future husband Karel Rutar received this postcard from his grandparents, Emanuel and Marie Novak. Karel left Terezin to go work in Wulkov ? he was quite handy, and had worked as a carpenter in Terezin. After the war I found out that he?d been the head carpenter, and that some problem had happened there that he didn't cause, but they punished him for being the boss and letting it happen. The SS soldier punished him by making him go outside at night, in the winter, naked, and pouring cold water on him. He then gave him such a slap that it punctured his eardrum, and for the rest of his life Karel was hard of hearing in one ear. From Wulkov he returned to Terezin, where after the war he recuperated, and then brought with him to Prague many materials ? correspondence cards, on which you could send a maximum of thirty words to Terezin, maps, and a picture painted for him by the caricaturist Haas, brother of the actor Hugo Haas.

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Interviewee: Ludmila Rutarova
Dagmar Greslova
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Prague, Czech Republic


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