Quido Nachod with his wife Bedriska Nachodova

Quido Nachod with his wife Bedriska Nachodova
  • Country name at time of photo:
    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
    Country name today:
    Czech Republic
    Name of the photographer / studio:
    studio Laghans
This is a photograph of my mother's brother, Uncle Quido Nachod, with his wife Bedriska Nachodova, nee Adamkova. It's probably an engagement or wedding photo. It was taken in the 1920s. Uncle Quido didn't turn out, somehow. I don't know if he even graduated from high school, most likely not. He was always changing jobs and didn't manage to stay long in any of them. After the war he worked as a treasurer for the Social Democrats. But he wasn't incompetent; he was good at fixing everything. He married Bedriska Adamkova. She wasn't Jewish, so was probably the only Christian in our family tree. All her life Mrs. Bedriska used to reminisce about how apparently the writer Jirasek had been in love with her. She had love letters from him stashed away. She likely met him in the amateur theater, where she and our uncle used to act. She was apparently a very beautiful actress. They were childless.

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Interviewee: Jiří Munk
Terezie Holmerova
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Prague, Czech Republic


Quido Nachod
Year of birth:
Country name at time of birth:
Country of death:
Czech Republic
after WW II
before WW II:
after WW II:

Other Person

Bedriska Nachodova
Year of birth:
after WW II

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