Rabbi Feder during the unveiling of a Holocaust memorial in Trebic

Rabbi Feder during the unveiling of a Holocaust memorial in Trebic
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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
This picture was taken on the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial for the Jews in Trebic that died during World War II. The collection for the realization of this monument was organized by my father, Viktor Fried. Out of 297 members of the Jewish community that existed in the town before the year 1939, only nine of us remained. The photographs is from around the year 1947. The man sitting in the middle is Dr. Richard Feder, provincial rabbi - chief rabbi of the Czechoslovak Republic. He was chief rabbi until his death in the year 1970. All of the other people in the photograph are chance passers-by. In don't recognize any of them, because all of the Jews were standing in front of the monument and the photo shows people standing behind the Holocaust victims' monument.

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Interviewee: Pavel Fried
Martin Korcok
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Brno, Czech Republic


Richard Feder
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after WW II
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