Revekka Mexina

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    Shterovka (Donetsk region)
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I, Revekka Mexina, the 1st year student.

I was born in the village of Novo-Ukrainka, Elisavetgrad province in 1913.

In 1928 my brother graduated from the university and got a job assignment in Stalino, Donbass. He lived in the hostel at first and then received an apartment in a cottage. We moved to Donbass to join my brother there. It was a small house with two apartments. There was a kitchen garden near the house. My brother was the only one of the four of us (my brother, my mother, my father and I) that had a job. In 1930 I went to the school at the factory and got the profession of lab assistant/electrician. I also became a member of Komsomol . After finishing this school I got a job assignment at a big machine-building plant in Lugansk. I worked as a lab assistant at the power plant on this enterprise. I worked for over a year and then decided to continue my studies. I found out that there was an Electric Engineering Institute in Shterovka, Donbass and decided to go there. That very same year this Institute was reformed into an electromechanical college. I entered this college in 1934 and finished it in 1938. I lived in the hostel sharing a room with six other girls. I was the only Jew among them. There were other Jews in this college: students and lecturers. We had no conflicts associated with the nationality. We had fun together and we had common problems. We celebrated the Soviet holidays together. My attitude towards religion that had formed at the time when I was a pioneer didn't change. I didn't conceal the fact that I was a Jew, but the Jewish traditions and religion were in the past for me. They began to close churches and synagogues by that time . The Jewish schools were closed. I didn't have any doubts that it was a correct step. I thought, like many others that this was the right thing to do.

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Interviewee: Revekka Mexina
Ella Levitskaya
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, Ukraine


Revekka Mexina
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Novo-Ukrainka (Elisavetgrad province )
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Electric engineer
after WW II:
Electric engineer

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