Roza Kamhi and other girls in Hashomer Hatzair

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    North Macedonia
This is Rosa and her group. Her group leader was Zak Besale. Bottom row from left to right: Unknown, Adela Faradji, Solci Flor, Roza Kamhi, Dora Nahmijas. Fourth from the left in the upper row is my cousin Ester Levi. Solci Levi's mother was the famous Madam Flor. She was an activist with respect to women's issues. She was pretty, cultured and she dressed nicely. She was an authority, in the spirit of the times. Solci's father was a samsar, a person who sells property. She was a very lively girl, a real firecracker. She was my neighbor, we lived across the street from each other. She had a sister Bela Levi who was very beautiful. Solci was not beautiful but she was cute. She was devilish, small, very cute and very lively. Solci was killed in Treblinka.

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Interviewee: Beno Ruso
Rachel Chanin
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Skopje, North Macedonia


Roza Kamhi
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Assistant to finance minister

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