Rozalia Adler

Rozalia Adler
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    Maria Constantinovici
This is my sister Rozalia Adler, nee Rudich, photographed in the 1940s. By the time of the photo we had already moved to Brasov, but she wasn?t married yet. Rozalia was born in 1927 and I was born in 1932 in Cuciuru Mare. We both went to the state school when we were 7, it was compulsory. We got along very well, me and my sister, she helped me with my homework until we were deported. She finished high school after we came back from Transnistria and moved to Brasov. After she finished high school, she worked in a knitwear factory. She married in 1955, I think. I remember I was in the army and I had to go on furlough. Her husband was Alter Adler, a Jew as well. He had been deported to Auschwitz, and he was the only one of his family who survived. He was a tailor and worked at a cooperative. They were married in the synagogue here, by Rabbi Deutsch. They had a son, Iosif Adler. My sister and her husband left for Israel in 1990 because their first grandson was born, and they couldn't stay away. They live in Rishon le Zion, and Iosif is an English teacher there. Iosif and Mihaela have two children, Jonathan, who was born in 1989, and Karina, who was born in 1992. As far as I know, my sister didn't have problems with the letters she received from Iosif from Israel during the communist era, but they weren't about politics or anything like that. We keep in touch. My sister calls us often, it's not so expensive for her. We also write letters when we have news. She sends me photos as well.

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Interviewee: Manin Rudich
Andreea Laptes
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Brasov, Romania


Rozalia Adler
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Cuciurul Mare
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Civil servant
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Also interviewed by:
Mix Express newspaper, Monitorul de Brasov newspaper, Realitatea Evreiasca newspaper, Trasee ale Memoriei (book by Vasilica Memonia Bogian)
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Nov 2001, Sept 1999, 2003

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