Rudolf Nachod

Rudolf Nachod
  • Country name at time of photo:
    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
    Country name today:
    Czech Republic
This is a photo of Rudolf Nachod, my mother's father. It was taken in the 1910s. In one document I found that he lived in Rychnov nad Kneznou, where he worked as a lawyer. It stood there: Rudolf Nachod - lawyer in Rychnov. The Nachod family, my mother's relatives and ancestors, were most likely from Prague as far back as her grandparents. I'm assuming that they all still lived in the ghetto, because until about the year 1860 Jews weren't allowed to live anywhere else in Prague but the ghetto. The father of my grandfather on my mother's side was Simon Nachod, who had a smoke shop in the ghetto, at building Reg. No. 146. His wife, Franciska Neuern, also lived in the ghetto before they were married, in building Reg. No. 105. All I know about the parents of my grandmother on my mother's side is that my grandma's father was named Jakob Eisenschimmel and his wife was Aloisie. But my mother and her siblings were born in Brandys nad Labem, and from 1915 the entire family lived in Prague, like their ancestors. They lived in Smichov in a street that back then was named Presslova, at No. 15. Their apartment was located near the church of St. Wenceslaus in the center of Smichov. Unfortunately, we know almost nothing about my grandfather's wife, Hermina Eisenschimmelova.

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Interviewee: Jiří Munk
Terezie Holmerova
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Prague, Czech Republic


Rudolf Nachod
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before WW II
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