The Saltiel family visiting Israel

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This is my husband Mois Saltiel and I visiting Israel. The photo was taken in Lod in 1994 during our visit to Israel. This is Seder in the home of Tali, a cousin of my husband Mois Saltiel. At the central place in the back of the photo is his brother Haim who is reading the prayer [Haggadah] for Pesach. To the left are Mois and me, to the right is Haim's wife - Roza and their daughter Rivka.

I have been to Israel three times (1974, 1982 and 1994) together with my husband and want to underline that the life there, even not so calm, is much better. I remember that when I first went there my father Yosif Faivel Fridman had already died. As I have already mentioned my elder brother, Ruben, took care of my mother in Israel, although my younger brother Shraga lived with his family nearer her, in the same street in Yazur actually. In 1974 Israel seemed to me a beautiful and calm country for the time. Later I began to worry because of the disorders there. Now I travel much less frequently due to my illness which makes me relatively sluggish. I go to visit our family friends (who are predominantly Jewish) more rarely, but I am well informed of everything that is going on in the Bulgarian Jewish community. It is because of my husband Mois Saltiel who was the chairman of the Jewish Library Club in Sofia for more than 10 years, and has been the chairman of the 'Golden Age' club at the Jewish Organisation in Bulgaria 'Shalom' for more than two years. The activity of the club consists of weekly gatherings on Saturday afternoons, when the old members of our community gather. The club organises a multitude of meetings with artists of Jewish origin, more or less nearing the golden age, such as the actor Itzhak Fintzi, theater director professor Grisha Ostrovski, the writer Victor Baruh, etc. It is the arrangement and holding of these meetings, as well as the organised attendance to cinema and theater performances that my husband takes care of.

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Patricia Nikolova
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Juliet Saltiel
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Slatina Village
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Retail clerk
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