Simon Tregeras with his daughters Taube and Liana

Simon Tregeras with his daughters Taube and Liana
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My son Simon Tregeras and my granddaughters: Taube, the older one, and Liana on the left. This photo was taken in Munich, Germany, in 2005. They sent it to me as a keepsake. Simon graduated from the Siauliai Teachers? Training College. Working as a teacher at the school for children with special needs, he received additional education and was promoted to headmaster of this school. Simon married a Jewish girl. A mixed marriage was out of the question in our family. His wife Rachil was a sanitary doctor in Kaunas. Simon and Rachil have two daughters: Taube, the older one, and Liana, the younger one. In the mid-1990s my daughter-in-law had problems at work. She lost her job, eventually. She insisted on emigration, and a few years ago my son and his family moved to Germany. The girls entered a college there. They are completing their education. Taube married a Russian man. They have a son. His name is Georgiy. He is my great-grandson. Liana married Igor, a former USSR citizen. They have no children yet.

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Interviewee: Feiga Tregerene
Zhanna Litinskaya
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Kaunas, Lithuania


Simon Tregeras
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Teacher, director of school for children with special needs

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