Sofi Danon-Moshe in Pazardzhik

Sofi Danon-Moshe in Pazardzhik
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    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
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This is me in the garden of our house in Pazardzhik. I?m three or four years old which means that the photo was taken in 1926 or 1927. There's neither a stamp of a photo shop on the back of the photo nor any inscription. I?m wearing a new fashionable dress. I wanted this picture to be at number one on purpose. I?m always careful not to miss something. There is a decorative bush next to me. My mother was very good at growing flowers and our garden was full of them. There was a garden around the house. At a certain time we kept some hens but later we got rid of those animals. But, on the other hand, the garden was full of roses. My mother was known to be a great gardener. We had orchard trees and a lot of quinces. We were known for our quinces as well; they looked like apples and you could eat them immediately after picking them from the tree. They were very nice and juicy. And the trees were all over the garden. Half of the garden was tiled; the other half was left with the earth. And we used to light fires in the earth part of the garden to boil the tomato sauce, and the jams for the winter. My mother used to have some of those very big pots called 'payla.' It wasn't something that all our neighbors owned. Our neighbors next door waited for my mother to finish cooking to borrow it. That was how they rotated the 'payla' to one another. The last one to use it washed it and returned it afterwards. Our house was the only one, which was painted in red. We were surrounded by Jews. There were little doors in the fences between the houses and we could move freely from one house to another, but there were ordinary wooden doors to the street. We didn't even lock them. The neighbors could just press the handle and enter. We kept in touch mainly with my father's relatives.

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Interviewee: Sofi Danon-Moshe
Svetlana Avdala
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Sofi Danon-Moshe
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Senior research associate, teacher
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