Tamara Goldenberg with her cousin Adolf Goldenberg and his friend

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This is me in the center.

My cousin Adolf Goldenberg Alexander Goldenberg's son, is to the right and his friend, I do not remember his name.

The picture was made in 1933, when I stayed with my relatives in Bakhchisaray.

In 1931 I went to the closest 7-year school in our vicinity. I was more prone for the Arts than sciences, but nobody was interested in that. At that time engineering sciences were more important, while the Arts were condoned. I finished school satisfactorily.

Then I went to a vocational school by a famous marine plant in Sevastopol, where team training was practiced. Finishing 7 grades of schooling and that vocational school were equal to compulsory education.

There were several department in the vocation school, viz. mechanics, metal processing and wood processing. I had to work and study at the same time. I was milling-machine operator. It was not my cup of tea. Finally I was lucky to finish that vocational school somehow, and then I entered Rabfak, and I had to study a little bit. It was a real ordeal for me.

The hardest was metal resistance subject. Father went to have a talk with the teacher of that subject. The teacher told my father: "Your daughter is a good girl, but physics, mathematics and other precise science is not for her. She has to the Arts school".

My cousin Adolf (my father brother Alexander Goldenberg’s son) graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic institute and became an engineer. He was mobilized to tank troops at the beginning of great patriotic war. He went through war, and was conferred many awards.

He lived in Moscow after war. He carried a dreadful document on his chest during war . It was a reference from Bakhchisarai district council regarding his parents' fate: 'Father was shot by the fascists and mother was exiled by Soviet authorities'.

He met his future wife Olga before the war. It was a romantic story. The fiancee was waiting for him, and they got married after war. Adolph's wife was Russian It was difficult for Adolf to find a job after war, maybe because he was a Jew.

He worked at scientific and research institute as an engineer. He was a post-graduate, and then defended doctorate degree. He was very intelligent. We were friends He was fair and kind. He was involved in metallurgy, and was a good expert.

He passed away in 1990 and buried in Moscow city cemetery.

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Svetlana Bogdanova
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