The Thüebergers' house in Radvanice near Ostrava

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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
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    Artur Radvansky
This is a photograph of our family home in Radvanice, that my father built in 1931. We lived there with Grandpa and Grandma Rauchberger and Uncle Samuel. My father also had a store in that house, which he opened at the beginning of the 1930s. Half of the store was devoted to shoe supplies, which he used to buy from Mr. Konvicka, who had a leather factory, and who was a family friend. Mr. Konvicka was related to Tomas Bata. The second half of the store had hardware, like nails, pots and pans, etc. The house had two residential floors. It also had electricity. The house also had a small garden with fruit trees, and where we grew mainly potatoes and cabbage. We then pickled the cabbage. We also had domestic animals, chickens, geese and ducks.

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Interviewee: Arutr Radvansky


Artur Radvanský
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Radvanice u Moravske Ostravy
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