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School Tableau Project

Zsolt Mártha

It is a Austro-Hungarian tradition for schools to take group photographs of graduating classes, and post them in shops around town and throughout the school for everyone to take pride in. If your school have tableaux or a yearbook of a class that graduated a few generations earlier, you may have a great project at hand. In this project, your students will choose one tableau to research by finding the people in the class, contacting and interviewing them, and making a film based on what they found. The focus of the questions is up to you. In this way you can build a bridge between two generations that have the natural link of having gone to the same school.

The project itself is a truly interdisciplinary one. The main subject areas it touches include History, Computer Studies, Jewish Studies, Media Studies, Psychology and English Language. It aims to increase students’ competencies on the fields of research, interviewing, presentation, cooperation/teamwork, critical thinking, debating, presenting, ICT (info-communication technology) systems, communication and translation. The main objective, however, is to sensitize students to the lives of those who were living the same life, though under completely different circumstances generations before. You can build a bridge between two generations that have the natural link of attending the same school. 

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